Friday, August 12, 2022

Looking For an Old Story

Apologies for the lack of posts of late, I've been crazy busy with life and haven't had much time or energy for writing.

I was recently thinking about a sex change story I once read and really enjoyed, but can no longer find it on any of my usual sites. It might have been on a site that is now shut down (sadly happens to quite a few) or may have been removed from one of the others (Literotica, TG Fiction, etc.) by the author. I'm hoping one of you might have read it and knows where to find it.

I cannot remember the title, but I remember enough of the story to provide a synopsis: A middle-aged, married man witnesses a crime and enters witness protection. He is trans and uses it as a chance to become a woman. He has all of the surgeries, but in twist, to make sure no one gets suspicious, has a water balloon type device put in that a doctor fills up at each visit to make "her" seem pregnant. As part of her backstory, her husband died just after getting her pregnant one last time (and she's implied to have fictional adult children). The plan is, after 9 months, they'll remove it and give her an orphaned baby to raise. She makes friends with her new neighbors (an older husband and wife I believe) and eventually reconnects with her former wife who is understanding if not exactly happy. They "hook up" but it goes kind of poorly since the wife isn't into women, and ends up asking her former husband lots of questions about her new womanhood in bed. (I really like that part. I think the wife is dating again and the "husband" asks if she's had sex, which she says yes. The "husband" then makes a comment about how she "can't do that for her anymore".) Eventually a goon who works for the crime boss she is in hiding from finds her and sexually assaults her in her home, but she is rescued by her neighbors. 

I don't think it was finished, but there were quite a few chapters written. Does anyone know of this story and where I can re-read it?


  1. Look up

    Should be under the pregnant tap

    I think that's what your looking for

    1. Thanks, yeah, it's "degraDed" with a "D". But I didn't see it there. It wasn't a caption, it was a text story.

  2. The story is: "The House on Sackett Street" by Anne Stephens.


    1. That's the story! Thanks! Definitely not where I've read it before, I'm guessing wherever that was has closed down or removed it, but I'm glad it still exists. Thanks again!