Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Scratch and Dent Winners!

Thank you to everyone who signed up for our Swap Clinic Scratch and Dent Sale!

Interest was incredibly high, so I had to pare down the applicants. Anyone who noted that they signed up for a previous interactive event but were not selected were accepted. For everyone else, I randomly selected you to fill out the rest! (While some people did pick numbers, they were ultimately randomly assigned.)

Congrats to all of those who were selected! I hope you enjoy your new, if flawed, female bodies! Remember: No returns or refunds!!

I'm going to start writing these and plan to start posting them 2-3 a day starting on July 11.

  1. Overbeing2 - Steven/Zoe
  2. DayBox - Alex
  3. LeslieB - Leslie
  4. One - Zhusan
  5. Pauljac1986 - Paul/Rachel
  6. MasterOfMuffin - Zach
  7. Jmflame - Jeff
  8. Anomrac - Nick
  9. Cal Narri - Calder
  10. Alvin
  11. BodySwapCaptionStop - Joe/Jessica
  12. Gabri - Gabriele
  13. Karas - Zac
  14. Daniel
  15. MediumV - Simon
  16. Thebiff - Dennis

Ring of Turan - Made It All Possible

Swap Clinic - Wedding Date Favor

Monday, June 29, 2020

Swap Clinic - Scratch and Dent Sale - EVERYTHING MUST GO!

Welcome to the Swap Clinic's annual "Scratch and Dent" sale! We have 16 female bodies available that, due to flaws and medical issues of varying severity, simply haven't been sold. If you've been looking to acquire a female body on a budget, this is your chance!

To sign-up, simply comment below with the name you'd like me to use for your caption. You'll be matched up with one of the available bodies at random. The only guarantee is that the body you get is that of a woman...condition otherwise will vary!

If you've signed up for any of my other interactive series but have not been chosen for a caption, please note this fact in a comment! You will be given priority for this one! (It sort of fits with the theme, doesn't it?)

The bodies are first come first serve, with the above bolded statement taken into account. I hope to start posting these starting on 7/11, so sign-up asap!!

Editor's Note: Alright, so, this took off and filled up waaay faster than I expected. (Not a bad thing, love that there's lots of interest!) I'm going to look for a few more images that I can use for this (without getting repetitive), expand a bit, and I'm going to randomly select the lucky participants from those who have signed up (again, giving priority to those who haven't been selected before).

Editor's Note 2: Don't worry about the numbers. The bodies will be randomly assigned!


Good Gurls Rehab - Senior Prank

Medallion of Zulu Series - Daughter of the Boss (Full Series)

This is the full Daughter of the Boss series, requested by Allie. Hope you've all enjoyed!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Birthday Celebrations - Hope You've Enjoyed!

I hope you've all enjoyed my birthday with me and my string of favored captions today! Now it's your turn:

Comment below with a link to your favorite caption or series I've ever created. If you're lucky, I may choose to do an extension/follow-up to it!

Thanks again everyone!

The Great Shift - Period Horniness

Been waiting for the right idea for this image, think I finally have it!

Medallion of Zulu - Gone Bust

You knew there had to be at least one Horror story today, didn't you?