Sunday, January 30, 2022

Animated GIF - Swap Clinic - Under Your Skin


"Oh my god! Look at this! I will KILL him!" Valerie, currently in her brother Mason's body, said to her boyfriend, Eddie, as she handed him her phone. There was a text message including a video from Mason - "Got some upgrades!"

"He's just trying to get under your skin and make you slip up," Eddie replied. He discreetly took an extra second to appreciate the video before handing back the phone. 

"Ugh, you're right, you're right, but...Ngh! I'll have to deal with those when we swap back!" Valeria complained. "I still can't believe this. He was always the instigator! We'd both have our inheritances if he just left well enough alone!"

Valerie and Mason were an extreme example of siblings who never got along. Their family, long having given up on the two working things out, took the extreme step of only ever having one of them visit at a time, even on holidays. Their grandmother still held out hope though. Terminally ill and will a hefty sum of money to her name thanks to her late-husband's life insurance policy, she brought the two together with an offer...and a warning: "I think you need to walk a mile in each other's shoes, maybe then you'll get along. I've seen this Swap Clinic thing...and I'm going to pay for you two to swap. If each of you can last six months without fighting or demanding to be swapped back, you'll each get your inheritance from me. If one of you messes up, the other will get both inheritances."

Valerie was outraged that her inheritance was being dangled like this...but it was a life-changing amount of money. She and Eddie could get married, pay off their debts, and still have some left over. Plus, she knew Mason wouldn't handle being a woman very well...there was a good chance she would end up with both she agreed to the swap.

Eddie was leery, but a month in, their relationship has survived, though it's far less physical that it had been. Both knew they just had to wait it out and they'd be rewarded greatly.

Meanwhile, Mason has been living it up in Valerie's body. Far from hating it like she expected, he has embraced it. He's had more sex than she ever did in it, "updated" her wardrobe to include tighter and more revealing outfits, and had now gone to the Swap Clinic to upgrade her breasts using some of his own money he had stashed away. 

"That bastard! I'll fucking kill him for real!" Eddie heard Valerie shout. He rushed to see what was going on. "Look!" He took her tablet and immediately saw an Only Fans page started up by Mason...featuring his 'borrowed' body, new breasts, full nudity, and plenty of toys. "I'll never be able to get all of that down! Nudes of me will live forever online! He's ruining my life!!"

"Alright, alright, this is bad..." Eddie admitted, indiscreetly scrolling through the many pictures, missing Valerie's body. "But, just wait it out, get the money, and then...maybe we can sue him for defamation or something." 

After some more talking Valerie down, he returned to the table and picked up his phone which had a new message...from Mason: "Hey, thinking about you. Need you again. Find an excuse and come."

Eddie looked up to make sure Valerie wasn't nearby before responding. "Calming her down now. I'll be over later...great pictures by the way, she just saw them. She's livid! And I LOVE the new tits, perfect fit! I'll say I'm going to the gym here in a bit and head over. She's close to cracking, I'll keep pushing her. Once you have all the money, I'll break up with 'her' and run away with you."

Tuesday, January 11, 2022