Monday, April 22, 2024

Magic - Animated GIF - Two Different People


"Hey, uh, can" Dan asked as he approached his fiancee, Tatiana, in the backyard.

"It's a free country..." Tatiana replied, not even looking up at him, while taking a puff from a cigar.

"Look, I love you, and part of that means I really wanted to understand you," Dan began, sitting down next to her. "It's like you're...two different people. One month, you're the love of my life, the seems like you barely care about me or 'us'. And, well, I noticed that 'switch' always seems to happen around your, uh..." Dan sheepishly trailed off while Tatiana glanced over. "Erm, your period. And I know that can be a really tough time for a woman, but I've never known any other woman to change this drastically and for so long..."

Tatiana blew out a large puff of smoke. "Alright, fuck it, you caught me." Dan tilted his head in confusion, not expecting that response. "I'm not really least every other month. I was a well-off businessman named Joel. She was some hooker I picked up on a work trip, could barely speak English, but she was pretty, looked like she knew her way around a dick. And she definitely did. Seems like you know that too..."

"I'm sorry, what are you..." Dan tried to ask.

"I'm getting there!" Tatiana replied, taking a long puff, then continuing. "Well, my wife had been suspecting that I was cheating and she followed me on that trip. When Tatiana went to leave, she came in. She decided to 'punish' us both with some magic curse she learned from her 'witch' grandmother. Sounds like a crock of shit, right? wasn't. Now Tatiana and I share this body, switching control every time she gets her period. My wife reported me missing and, after enough time, dead. Now she's rich with all of my money... And you, you're decent enough that Tatiana and I could agree on you. Gets us out of being a prostitute or stripper, anyway. So there you have it."

Dan sat there dumbfounded. "Look, babe, if that's like...a mental illness or something, I can get you help. I just..."

Tatiana blew a puff of smoke toward him. "Look, dude, I've accepted that I'm stuck this way. And honestly, after getting past the initial anger and awkwardness, it's not a bad deal. Actually, the 'red tide' just stopped flowing...if it'll help relax you, I'll meet you in bedroom in 10, just let me finish this bad boy..." She shot him a wink.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Great Shift - Animated GIF - Might Be Fun


"This is just...the best...Such a blessing...and to go back to school?...An all girls school?..." Amanda, right, formerly Alton, said between kisses.

"Alright, cool it, let's just enjoy this," Tiffany, Amanda/Alton's wife, left, added as she placed her hands on Amanda's upper chest.

"It's just, so amazing though, I can't get over it..." Amanda added between some more kissing. "That we both get so much younger, both beautiful girls, and we're lesbians on top of it?" They kissed again. "My whole body is on horny fire, it's so different than before. I just want you to touch me all over..."

"Hmm," Tiffany acknowledged with a smirking hum. "Definitely feels better being young again too..."

Alton and Tiffany were pushing 60. They had been married for over 30 years. They had three kids who had all grown and left the home. They were settling into the "empty nester" life when the Great Shift struck and swapped them into the bodies of their neighbor's teenage daughter and her best friend who was sleeping over. 

Amanda wasn't thrilled at first to be a woman, but both being so much younger was a definite boon. As they spent the next few days in each other's company, they realized that these girls were likely more than just "friends"...

Another silver lining to the Great Shift were all of the programs put in place to help people affected, including re-education. Tiffany talked Amanda into "going back to school", first a "refresher" of things modern students learn in high school, and then back to college. She thought it might be fun for them to attend an all-girls school while they were doing it. The uniforms, the other cute girls, the youthful activities turned out to be an excellent idea.

"There they are Mr. Anderson!" a girl's voice called out from the doorway to the bathroom. Amanda and Tiffany looked over, still basically grinding on each other, to see the "class snitch" Brianna standing there, pointing, with the principal Mr. Anderson behind her.

"Alright you two, you've been warned before, now you're both getting detention," he said sternly while crossing his arms. "After school, today, one hour."

Amanda and Tiffany both gave a glancing smirk to one another. "Yes Mr. Anderson..." Tiffany sarcastically replied in her best youthful voice as she pulled Amanda by the arm behind her. 

Amanda looked up at Mr. Anderson as they passed by him. He had swapped with a much younger and fitter man, his tailored suit showing off his athletic frame well. The cologne he was wearing caught Amanda's attention...

...and her new body's response let her know that she might not only be into women...

Friday, April 12, 2024

Great Shift Experiences - Long Term Follow-Ups

With the popularity of last week's The Interview series about people many years after the Great Shift, I've decided to do the same for this week's set of "Experience" captions. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, April 8, 2024

Swap Clinic - Animated GIF - Fought Back


"That was a solid hit, I'll admit it," Stefan said to a bound and gagged Chloe as he helped himself to a hidden stash of money. He turned toward her to show the blood going down the side of his face. "If you were still a man, you might have done some real damage."

"Mmph!" Chloe grunted into the tape covering her mouth as Stefan picked up the bag full of cash. She twisted and jostled in the chair, but tape held tight. 

"God you're beautiful...stunning really," Stefan commented as he stood over her. "To think you used to be a tubby, balding, middle-aged man. If I weren't such a gentleman..." he trailed off for a second, looking over her bound and helpless body. "Well, you're lucky I am..." he planted a kiss on her lips through the tape. "Remember, if you're going to turn your crooked boss into the feds, you can't also steal his money. He may be in prison for a while, but he still has influence on the outside." He turned to walk away with the bag full of money, then paused. "Maybe I'll sell him your location...he's far less of a gentleman..."

Chloe was formerly Charles, an accountant at a firm known for shady dealings. When he was accidentally sent a file above his clearance level with some notorious figures and groups listed as clients, he took it to the authorities resulting in a huge bust. However, he and his wife, Amy, were not safe and were placed into a new top secret witness protection program utilizing Swap Inc. technology. Charles was thrilled when he saw their new bodies...a huge, muscular guy and a cute little blonde woman. He was less thrilled when he came out of the chamber in the woman's body and couldn't convince his handlers to change the assignments...

They were moved to a small rural town where "Chloe" would be a math teacher and Amy, now Adam, would work security at an office park. Adjusting to it opposite sex bodies, new professions, small town life...was quite the ordeal, but they were making progress. After a few months, frustrated by their low pay, Chloe looked into an old slush fund account she used to manage. It was well hidden and, as she suspected, got missed by the feds. She cautiously transferred some of the money, over the course of a few weeks to not draw suspicion, and withdrew it as cash to keep it hidden from her handlers.

She thought she was careful about it all, but clearly, Stefan, one of his former company's "enforcers", noticed it. He broke in and, while Chloe managed to whack his head with a coffee mug, it didn't stop him. She felt how much smaller and weaker she was now as he easily overpowered her, tied her up, and gagged her.

Chloe fought the restraints in vain as Stefan carried the bag of cash into the hall. "What the..." she heard him start to say before a loud "whack" rang out as Chloe looked over see him flying backwards.

"I just punched a guy! Holy shit!" Adam exclaimed as he shook the pain from his fist. "Oh...shit! Are you ok?" he asked, in shock from he situation. Chloe, still gagged, could only give a thumbs up in response. Adam rushed over and pulled the tape from her mouth.

"Tie him up, quick..." she said as he caught her breath. Adam grabbed the roll of tape and tightly bound the unconscious Stefan's arms and legs. 

"Here, let me untie you now..." Adam started.

" it weird that I'm like, kind of turned on right now?" Chloe asked.

Adam smirked. "Your big strong husband just punched out a dude. That will turn on most women..."

Chloe looked down at Stefan. "Drag him into the other bedroom. Make sure he can't go anywhere..." she instructed Adam. "Then come back, put some more tape over my mouth and, uh..." she paused while Adam looked intrigued. "Don't be a 'gentleman' with me..."