Monday, December 4, 2023

Swap Clinic - New Job


"So, you become a woman and your job is now to get pregnant over and over again?" Ted texted his long-time friend, Seth, who now wanted to be called "Sadie".

"It's called being a surrogate, and yes, pretty much," she replied.

"You know I'm not transphobic or anything. I'm fine with the whole woman-swap-thing. But this new 'job' thing is...weird," Ted responded.

"I've always wanted to be a woman, and doing this means I basically got to swap for free. Now I get $50k per pregnancy, plus expenses covered, and I don't have to actually work! I sit at home playing video games most days while I grow life inside me. Then I give birth, the baby goes to happy parents, I have a period to recover, then I repeat. It's awesome!" Sadie replied.

"I guess..." Ted wrote back, still unsure about the whole thing.

"Plus, I get to do this for a while after the birth..." Said wrote. A few seconds later, a video came in showing her squeezing milk out of her swollen breasts.

"Holy shit dude! Are you sure you want to be sending that?" Ted, mildly embarrassed but also intrigued, wrote back.

"Look, I know you're into this sort of thing and, well, with my hormones going crazy all the time, I could use a trusted guy friend to help me out with certain things..." she replied.

"What exactly do you have in mind?" an increasingly intrigued Ted responded.

"Come over now and help me drain these things. We'll see where things go from there," Said answered.

"OMW!" Ted hastily replied before rushing to the door.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Swap Clinic - Animated GIF - Beyond Expectations


The newly minted "Aria" rushed into her apartment after speeding home from the Swap Clinic. She had finally gotten the female body she always with gorgeous, perky tits beyond her expectations, in fact...and it was time to get to know it.

Sure, she was naked when she stepped out of the swap chamber, but she had to answer the staffer's questions and didn't have time to do much of anything before she was instructed to dress in the clothes this woman had worn in. Feeling her panties hug the lips of her new pussy, the tight bra around her chest pushing up her heaving breasts, being six inches shorter with much longer hair... It was all an incredible tease and she couldn't wait to get home after the checkout process.

She wasted little time, getting down to her underwear and then climbing onto the bed where she could watch herself in the mirror. Off came the panties...slick with her new flowing juices...and then finally the bra. She placed her hands on her new hips and proudly observed her new form. It took years of saving and cost her everything she had, but this was now her long last...

After taking in her new form for several minutes, she reached into the shopping bag by her bed for the one other thing she made sure to buy herself for this experience. She pulled out a vibrator and let out an involuntary giggle as she felt it in her hand...the vibration going up her arm...and turning on her entire body...