Friday, June 11, 2021

Do Over (Series)

I've had this idea for a longer form story dating back years, but as I'm not writing much actual erotica these days, I decided to try and turn it into a caption series. I hope to keep adding to it every so often (maybe weekly?) if it proves to be popular. Here are the first several entries:

Ring of Turan - Battling Addiction

 This one goes out to Gina, hope you enjoy!

Magic - Bored of Guys

 This one goes out to Sarah, hope you enjoy!

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Medallion of Zulu - Hen in the Foxhouse (Animated GIF)

 This fulfills an anonymous request, hope you enjoy!

It was supposed to be the perfect crime. Adam had found the legendary Medallion of Zulu, but wasn't sure how best to use it until now. The foreign exchange student his family was hosting, Keiko, was sick and not able to go to school. As soon as he found out, Adam swiped an outfit - her school uniform plus underwear - and slipped it into his backpack along with the medallion. While he had the hots for Keiko, assuming her form today was a means to an end. Namely, he was going to enter the girls locker room and get a look at all of the other girls unimpeded.

At least, that is what he thought. He needed a place to dress and transform before going into the girls locker room, so he ducked into the boys locker room first. He had a few minutes until the previous period ended, so he found it empty. Slipping into the toilet stall closest to the door, he undressed and slipped into Keiko's panties. Then, he put on the medallion and looked down in awe as his body transformed. Now that he knew it worked, there would be time to explore it later...for now, he had a mission. He badly struggled putting on the bra, losing valuable time but knowing that he couldn't go braless beneath Keiko's white top. Finally, desperately, he simply hooked it up and pulled it over his head like a shirt. It wasn't elegant, but it was on. He slipped into the other clothes as fast as he could and prepared to head to the girls locker room...

...However, he took too long. The boys from the current period were returning to shower and change. He dashed back into the toilet stall, closed the door, and squatted on the toilet seat with his legs up to wait it out.

"Dude, hang on, I need to take a major..." one of the guys said as he grabbed the stall door. It was locked, so he looked beneath it. "Damn, this one's locked but no one is in it," he called out. Another guy came over and bashed it with his shoulder. The flimsy lock busted immediately as Adam looked on in horror.

"Oh shit! There's a chick in here!" one of them called out.

"Wait! Wait! I can explain, just let me..." Adam began, Keiko's voice leaving his lips.

Several more guys in various states of undress rushed over to see what the commotion was. "I guess girls can be pervs too, huh?" one guy commented. "Hey, let's drag her out and give her a taste of her own medicine!" another encouraged. Adam was powerless as two guys reached in and pulled him out of the stall. He looked around desperately for a teacher, but none were present. 

"Alright, get to it, give us a show and we won't tell anyone about you being in here..." one guy in a towel commanded as Adam was dragged in front of the group. "Now!"

Adam clumsily unbuttoned his top and took it off. Unfortunately, given the stress of the situation, he didn't notice the medallion get caught in it and slip off from around his neck as he dropped his shirt on the floor...right next to a drain which the medallion slipped into... He then removed his skirt and felt humiliated as the guys looked on...

The Great Shift - As Bad As It Seems

 This one goes out to Ginny, hope you enjoy!

The Great Shift - Not Straightfoward

 This one goes out to Jay Kay, hope you enjoy!

Magic - Sultan's Harem

 This one goes out to es, went with a different image as I didn't want to encroach on that artist's work, but I hope you still like it!

Role Exchanger - Blessing to Curse

 This one goes out to Lady Stardust, hope you enjoy!

Underground Swap Clinic - Cuntboy