Sunday, September 15, 2019

Underground Swap Clinic - Choose Your New Life! ...At Your Own Risk!

After much consideration, you've decided that you simply cannot continue your life as-is. You want to body swap with a pretty woman. However, the prices at the Swap Clinic are simply beyond your budget.

You've heard rumors, though, of an "Underground Swap Clinic" where there prices are much cheaper. You ask around, jump through a few hoops, talk to some unsavory figures...but finally, you find an Underground Swap Clinic in your city. You approach an old warehouse and give the pass phrase you were told. The armed security guard opens the door and motions you inside.

Auctions are going on all around you as bodies are bought and sold like meat at a market. Prospective buyers page through binders of pictures, choosing new bodies and negotiating with the sellers. You approach one of the tables, pick up a folder, and find exactly what you are looking for - pictures of eight women who, for one reason or another, are selling their bodies. Each are within your price range.

Before you choose, keep these facts in mind - the Underground Swap Clinic is illegal. That means taking over the life of the woman's body you choose. And these women are all selling for a reason...

Make your pick in the comments below and keep an eye out this week to what your new life has in store!