Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Great Shift - Looked Familiar

 This one goes out to Tym, gave it a little twist based on the image I had available, hope you enjoy!

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Magic - Digging Up Dirt

 This one goes out to Mate. Adjusted a couple of details for a better story flow, but I think I still captured the essence of what you were going for. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, March 19, 2021

The Great Shift - Stuck Together


On the day of the Great Shift, Martina was shifted into the body of another woman hundreds of miles away from home. Thankfully, a nearby hotel was taking in victims to wait out the chaotic aftermath of the Great Shift. Soon, however, the hotel began to fill up with other shifted refugees and they needed to double up in the rooms. While they made sure to pair up individuals who were in the same current gender, Martina was stuck with Vince - a 24 year-old man who shifted into the body of a gorgeous brunette.

It wouldn't have been so bad, except that Vince was not discreet as he explored his new form. Martina could only pretend to be asleep as Vince embraced his newfound womanhood in the bed next to her...

Friday, March 5, 2021

Idol of Ianus - Father/Daughter Time


(Based on some advice from the last longer form caption, I'm going to paste the text of it in below to make it easier for some to read.)

Kelsey arrived home from college to her dad, Mark’s, house for Spring Break. Her parents divorced many years ago and her dad simply lived closer to her friends from high school. This time, however, he needed her help with something. His great aunt recently passed away and Mark was the only family member who lived in the area. He needed to collect some boxes from her house before it could go up for sale, and wanted her to go the items in them to see if anything was worth keeping or selling. Kelsey’s friends wouldn’t be back in in town from their colleges until tomorrow, so she agreed.

Most of what was in the boxes was your typically old lady clothing and decorations. In the final box, one which looked like it hadn’t been opened in many years, they found an odd statuette wrapped in a scarf. As Mark went to unfurl it, the statuette slipped out. Both he and Kelsey reached to catch it, grabbing it at the same moment. Suddenly, both felt their perspectives change. A moment later, they each looked down...they were in each other’s bodies. “Ewww!! Dad! What the fuck!?” Kelsey cried out from his body. “I don’t know! Just...just stay calm!” he responded, carefully setting the statuette on top of the box. “It must have been this thing...” he said, handling it all over as he tried to make it swap them back. Kelsey quickly did the same, but it did not react. After several minutes in shock, Mark grabbed his lap top to see if they could find anything about it online. He instinctively tried to use his finger to unlock it...only to realize his mistake. He held it out for Kelsey to unlock with his finger, and then performed a search for “idol body swap”. Plenty of erotica popped up, but through it all, an article about the “Idol of Ianus” caught his eye. They read it, realizing that it was describing what they had. “Ew, 48 hours!? I don’t want to be stuck as you for 48 hours! My friends will be back in town tomorrow!” Kelsey complained. “At least we know we can switch back...” Mark countered, a little relieved.

Both were grossed out at being in each other’s bodies. Certain biological needs required that they get over it quickly, though. Kelsey in particular hated handling her father’s dick...but did get to have a bit of fun standing up to pee. Prepared to spend the 48 hours inside, they were each surprised when there was a late night knock at the door. Mark went to answer it. “Kelsey baby!” a young man exclaimed. He pushed the door open and practically tackled Mark with a big hug...then planted a long kiss on his lips. Mark fought free while Kelsey rushed over. “Hey, Corey, what are you doing here?” she asked, surprised and irritated. “Oh, you must be Mr. Jones! Pleasure to meet you! I guess Kels has already told you about me,” he said as he came over and extended a hand for a handshake. “Yes, Kelsey’s boyfriend at college, of course, I just wasn’t expecting you here...” Kelsey replied, taking the handshake while looking over at Mark. “I just couldn’t be away from you for two weeks, so I drove to visit!” Corey added, moving away and putting an arm back around Mark. While his back was turned, Kelsey shrugged her shoulders and mouthed “I didn’t know” to her dad. Mark scowled but nodded. “Yes, babe, um, thank you for coming...we’ll make up the guest room for you...” he grumbled out. Even if he and his daughter hadn’t switched bodies, he would still be annoyed. Corey was a perfect house guest that evening, though Mark was awake much of the night worried that Corey may try to sneak into bed with him. He also didn’t like the feelings he got from Kelsey’s body when Corey was nearby...his “little girl” shouldn’t be experiencing those types of urges...

The next morning, Mark got up first and started breakfast. Again, there was unexpected knock at the door. He sighed, but answered it. “Oh my god, it’s so good to see you!” Kelsey’s best friend, Amber, exclaimed as she moved in for a hug. “Hey Amber,” is all Mark could muster. “We’re just about to have breakfast if you’d like to join...” he offered as he lightly patted her back during the long hug. Finally, she let go and entered the house, allowing Mark to close the door. He looked over at the stairs where Kelsey was rushing down, sloppily dressed. She clenched her teeth, shrugged, and mouthed “”I’m sorry...”. Mark just shook his head. All through breakfast, Amber talked about every detail of her life. Kelsey would normally have been just as talkative, but she knew that she couldn’t in her dad’s body. “And oh my god, Jamie called to break up with me last night, can you believe it?” “Oh, I”m so sorry,” Kelsey finally spoke up. “Thanks Mr. Jones, you’re so sweet...” Amber said as she took a bite. After an annoying breakfast, Mark went up to Kelsey’s room to put on some proper clothes for the day. As he opened her suitcase, he heard the door close behind him and turned to see Corey rushing toward him. He practically tackled him onto the bed. “God, I need you so bad...let’s do this quick before your dad catches on...” he muttered as he pressed his lips against Mark’s, who was initially resisting. However, when Corey felt up one of his sensitive borrowed breasts, the feelings of pleasure became overwhelming. Mark wanted to stop what was happening...but his body was very into it as Corey began to make out with him. 

“Fuck...” is all Mark could mumble out as Corey began to suck on his neck, and then lifted his shirt to suck on one of his supple breasts. “Ohhhhh....” he moaned. It felt heavenly and only turned him on more. Finally, Corey stepped back and stripped...then yanked off the pajama shorts and panties that Mark had been wearing. Mark, lost in lust, didn’t resist as Corey pushed his cock home...

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Kelsey was still listening to Amber while not letting on her real identity. “You’re such a good listening Mr. Jones...” she said while Kelsey was doing the dishes from breakfast. Finally, Kelsey realized that she could use this opportunity to talk to Amber in a way she couldn’t as herself. “You know Amber, you’ve been friends with my daughter for a long time and I’ve gotten to know you well. You have...just terrible taste in guys. You’re so pretty and caring, you could do a lot better...” Kelsey explained as she turned toward her. Amber didn’t seem sure how to react at first, then smiled. “You think I’m pretty, Mr. Jones?” Kelsey realized that might have been a mistake to say. As she stammered, trying to think of another way to get her point across, Amber stood up and walked over to her. “I think you’re really handsome for an older guy...I’ve always thought about doing this...” Kelsey watched in shock as Amber knelt down before her and began to undo Kelsey’s borrowed pants. Kelsey tried to stop her...at first. When she felt her borrowed cock grow hard just inches from Amber’s face, however, her ability to think seemed to diminish. “Oh...” she moaned as Amber drew Kelsey’s temporary cock into her warm, wet mouth. “Wait, Amber, wait...” she finally got out. “It’s ok Mr. Jones, I want this,” Amber broke away long enough to say. “No, no, that’s not it...let’s take this somewhere more comfortable...” Kelsey offered. Amber smirked and nodded. They retreated into the living room where Kelsey took a seat on the couch. Amber took Kelsey’s pants all the way to her ankles, knelt in front of her, and resumed the blow job...

Once both Mark and Kelsey had finished, they were too ashamed to see one another. Amber left to go home while Corey jumped into the shower. While walking past his bedroom where the idol once sat upon the box it came out of, he noticed that it was gone. “Kels! Kels!” he whispered loudly from the top of the stairs. “Get up here!” Afraid that he found out what she had done in his body, she slowly made her way to him. “Did you take the idol!?” he asked in a panic. “What, no?” she responded. “Did one of the others?” he asked again, even more panicked. “No! Amber was with me the whole time, she never went upstairs,” she explained. “And Corey was...it wasn’t him either,” Mark replied, feeling ashamed again. They raced to his lap top and brought up the article on the idol again. “48 hours, it’ll glow, swap back, blah blah,” Kelsey read as she scrolled. “Wait...look at this,” she said, pointing. “If a female body is involved and becomes pregnant, the idol will vanish even before the 48 hours...” she read. “That’s not possible, right?” she asked as she looked up at her dad. He bit down on his lip...the look in his eye told Kelsey all that she needed to know...