Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Scratch and Dent Winners!

Thank you to everyone who signed up for our Swap Clinic Scratch and Dent Sale!

Interest was incredibly high, so I had to pare down the applicants. Anyone who noted that they signed up for a previous interactive event but were not selected were accepted. For everyone else, I randomly selected you to fill out the rest! (While some people did pick numbers, they were ultimately randomly assigned.)

Congrats to all of those who were selected! I hope you enjoy your new, if flawed, female bodies! Remember: No returns or refunds!!

I'm going to start writing these and plan to start posting them 2-3 a day starting on July 11.

  1. Overbeing2 - Steven/Zoe
  2. DayBox - Alex
  3. LeslieB - Leslie
  4. One - Zhusan
  5. Pauljac1986 - Paul/Rachel
  6. MasterOfMuffin - Zach
  7. Jmflame - Jeff
  8. Anomrac - Nick
  9. Cal Narri - Calder
  10. Alvin
  11. BodySwapCaptionStop - Joe/Jessica
  12. Gabri - Gabriele
  13. Karas - Zac
  14. Daniel
  15. MediumV - Simon
  16. Thebiff - Dennis


  1. Nice I made it, I wonder how I'll turn out. Finally a chance to spice up my life. Thanks

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    1. Just re-read the post my mistake, thought it said mention if you have been in a cap before =/ nvm

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  3. Congrats to all the winners! Can't wait to see what's available at the Scratch and Dent sale!

  4. Will you be doing this concept again?

  5. Thank for entering me can't wait to see what body I get lol.