Monday, May 20, 2024

The Great Shift - Animated GIF - Got Milk?


"Hey dude," Rory answered the incoming video chat from his best friend, Shane.

"Not dude anymore..." Shane immediately correctly. "Actually just made it all official with a new name, too. I'm 'Shay' now, thought it was nice."

"Got it, got it..." Rory replied. "So holy shit...what's it like being a woman? I mean, it's been weird for me and I swapped with another guy."

"Yeah, it's weird seeing Steven's face, but be talking to 'you'... the quarterback of the football team, not a bad swap, by the way" Shay began. "But...I've been alright. I mean, it's super weird. And Mrs. Swanson just got back from maternity leave, so my hormones and shit are even more fucked up..."

"Jeez man, that sucks. You swap with a teacher 12 years older and a woman..." Rory added.

"Yeah, but it's not all bad..." Shay trailed off as she went into the bathroom, glancing around before closing the door. "Check this out..." she tugged down on her top to reveal one of her breasts.

"Oh holy shit! That's hot! I can't believe you're just showing me this..." Rory responded.

"Shh, hang on, that's not even the best part..." Shay continued while adjust the phone and taking her exposed breast in her hand. "Watch this..." she watched Rory's reaction as she squeezed and doused the mirror in a spray of milk. Then another...then another...

"Ohmyyygoddddd! That is the hottest thing I've ever seen!" Rory excitedly replied.

"Look, I'll be honest, I'm all kinds of turned on, like all the time," Shay began. "My uh...downstairs area is still healing from the baby, so I can't do much with it yet. But these things...they're so sensitive and get so full and it feels so good to empty them...and the pump she gave me is kind of lame. My parents are going to head out in a few minutes, so I was wondering if you wanted to come over and..."

"Yes! Yes! Oh god yes! I'll be right over!" Rory answered.

Shay smirked as she ended the call. Hopefully this would provide relief in a couple of ways...

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