Monday, April 15, 2024

Great Shift - Animated GIF - Might Be Fun


"This is just...the best...Such a blessing...and to go back to school?...An all girls school?..." Amanda, right, formerly Alton, said between kisses.

"Alright, cool it, let's just enjoy this," Tiffany, Amanda/Alton's wife, left, added as she placed her hands on Amanda's upper chest.

"It's just, so amazing though, I can't get over it..." Amanda added between some more kissing. "That we both get so much younger, both beautiful girls, and we're lesbians on top of it?" They kissed again. "My whole body is on horny fire, it's so different than before. I just want you to touch me all over..."

"Hmm," Tiffany acknowledged with a smirking hum. "Definitely feels better being young again too..."

Alton and Tiffany were pushing 60. They had been married for over 30 years. They had three kids who had all grown and left the home. They were settling into the "empty nester" life when the Great Shift struck and swapped them into the bodies of their neighbor's teenage daughter and her best friend who was sleeping over. 

Amanda wasn't thrilled at first to be a woman, but both being so much younger was a definite boon. As they spent the next few days in each other's company, they realized that these girls were likely more than just "friends"...

Another silver lining to the Great Shift were all of the programs put in place to help people affected, including re-education. Tiffany talked Amanda into "going back to school", first a "refresher" of things modern students learn in high school, and then back to college. She thought it might be fun for them to attend an all-girls school while they were doing it. The uniforms, the other cute girls, the youthful activities turned out to be an excellent idea.

"There they are Mr. Anderson!" a girl's voice called out from the doorway to the bathroom. Amanda and Tiffany looked over, still basically grinding on each other, to see the "class snitch" Brianna standing there, pointing, with the principal Mr. Anderson behind her.

"Alright you two, you've been warned before, now you're both getting detention," he said sternly while crossing his arms. "After school, today, one hour."

Amanda and Tiffany both gave a glancing smirk to one another. "Yes Mr. Anderson..." Tiffany sarcastically replied in her best youthful voice as she pulled Amanda by the arm behind her. 

Amanda looked up at Mr. Anderson as they passed by him. He had swapped with a much younger and fitter man, his tailored suit showing off his athletic frame well. The cologne he was wearing caught Amanda's attention...

...and her new body's response let her know that she might not only be into women...

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  1. I really like this story. Alton and Tiffany get to love each other again, both of them as girls now. And the gif is great too. Great job Erica!