Monday, November 20, 2023

Good Gurls Rehab - Animated GIF - Rent Discount


Will approached his apartment door with his mother following close behind, her "I was just in the area" excuse for her surprise visit obviously transparent. She wanted to see his place and how he was living after moving out on his own for the first time.

"So this is it, nothing special, but it's alright," he said as he pushed open the door and guided her inside. "Totally standard apartment, reasonably clean, all the stuff I need, so can you please..."

"Will! The modem needs to be reset again! When are you going to call the cable company to get that..." his roommate, Jenna, called out as she stormed out of her room.

"Joe...Jenna, wait!" Will tried to stop her, but it was too late. She walked out, totally nude, in front of Will and his mother.

"Oh my god! Will! What the..." his mother shouted while she averted her eyes and held up a hand.

"Holy shit!" Jenna shrieked, throwing an arm over her breasts and hand in front of her pussy as she quickly dashed back to her room.

"I thought you lived with a boy!" Will's mother shouted/scolded.

"I do. I's...complicated," Will scrambled to try to explain. 

"I am sooooooo sorry," Jenna apologized as she returned, covered up in an oversized men's hoodie that she was wearing like a dress. 

"Look, Joe, you remember my friend Joe, right?" Will asked his still-bothered mother. She gave a hesitant nod. "This is Joe!"

"So you're...what do they call em...a tranny?" his mom asked.

"No no," Jenna explained. "Also, you're not supposed to call them that, but still no. I'm not trans. I'm doing this for work! My company partnered with Good Gurls Rehab and I get a raise plus promotion opportunities if I spend some time as a woman. It's a whole...tolerance and equality thing."

"But why were you naked?" Will's mother questioned.

Jenna looked to Will who shook his head, trying to tell her no, but she answered anyway. "Well, Will said he'd cover $100 of my share of the rent if I stayed naked inside the apartment. It's easy and comfortable and..."

"I am very disappointed in you mister!" Will's mom didn't even let Jenna finish before admonishing Will. "Tell me, Joe, or whoever you you have a number I can call for this 'Good Girl' thing?"

"I, uh, y-yeah, let me just..." Jenna began.

"Good," she cut Jenna off again. "If my son is going to be living with a woman, maybe he should get some experience with it himself!"

"Mom, you can't be..." Will began.

"I am! We're not going to be helping with your rent anymore unless you do it! And don't even think about moving back in with us..." his mother explained.

"...sorry dude..." Jenna mumbled apologetically to Will.

"Mom! No! I don't want to do this! Mom! Mooooom!"

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  1. After Will's mother stormed out, he turned to Jenna and said, "you were totally right"... "By this time next week, we can both get dressed up all slutty and bring back hot guys to fuck our brains out, in OUR apartment"!