Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Ring of Turan - What's Not to Like?


This one almost got a little dark, hence the kind of abrupt cut-off. Was going to have the asshole guy come back and well...I decided not to go that route.

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  1. 4 months later, Megan walked into a club looking for some companionship. She had been living as Megan for over three months. She had experienced 4 periods and each one had been easier than the last. She accepted and appreciated her new body more with the end of each cycle. She had begun to lust for a man, someone who would treat her like a lady in public and ravage her in the bedroom. The thought of giving herself to a man was scary and exciting. She had never even kissed a man before tonight but she hoped to not only kiss a man but to lose her female virginity.

    She sauntered to the bar and climbed up on a stool, crossing her legs and dangling a high heeled foot out as a come hither message. (she hoped)

    She was about to order wine when a bartender brought her a glass of Cab and nodded toward a tall, good looking man at the other end of the bar. Megan swiveled on her stool to see who her benefactor was. He looked familiar and he had picked out her favorite wine and vintage, how did he know? Then it his her, it was the guy from the dinner cruse, the man she had dumped the ice bucket into his lap. She felt a tremor of fear run through her. She was very well aware of her disadvantage now. She was 6 inches shorter and 80 pounds lighter than this guy. He could snap her in two if he wanted.

    She started to get up and leave but he got to her before she could get off her stool.

    "Hi, please don't go. I saw you walk in and I had to speak to you. I wanted to let you know I had taken and passed your "ice bucket challenge" he said with a genuine grin. He took teh stool next to her and introduced himself as Dr Stan Green. The bartended put a glass of clear liquid with ice in front of him and called him "Doc".

    "This guy is a hero you know. He just came back from 2 months in Guatemala doing facial surgery on kids with birth defects. It's on a YouTube channel about doctors without borders. He saved a doen kids with serious defects that would have killed them in months."

    "I'm sorry for the ice bucket, I was wrong, it was a strange time for me. I really can't explain it, I hope you can forgive me Dr. Green." Megan said.

    "We can work on that. First, call me Stan, next can I buy you dinner? I want a steak, I just got back home last night and I'm so hungry for a high protein meal and some beautiful company." Stan said.

    "Okay Stan, I would like that very much." Megan said.

    The next morning she woke up in Stan's big bed in his huge loft apartment. She had not only lost her virginity, her ring was missing. She sighed deeply recalling the evening, the night long sex and the early morning orgasims. She was sure she had made the right choice to make it permanent, now if she can convince Stan to make their relationship permanent.