Monday, February 19, 2024

GGR - Animated GIF - Shopping Trip


"I feel completely ridiculous..." Morgan, left, muttered as she stepped onto the escalator with her girlfriend, Sammie. 

"Aww, don't babe! I think this will be fun!" Sammie consoled her, taking her hand and interlocking fingers. "Plus, you're here with your awesome girlfriend. We'll make this punishment seem like a fun vacation!"

"Ugh, don't remind me...I have a year of this shit...all because I, what, organized a house party? Every high school kid does that at some point..." Morgan groaned.

"Oh, look, it's your friends..." Sammie cut-in, seeing Morgan's former guy friends waiting at the top of the escalator. "Hi guys!" she said as she waived.

"Ugh..." Morgan groaned, then gave her own half-hearted wave.

"We just had to see it for ourselves," her friend Kenny began.

"Nice skirt, haha," her friend Dante teased.

"Thanks, I'm borrowing it from Sammie until I buy some more of my own. You know, Sammie, my girlfriend?" Morgan replied sarcastically as she held up her and Sammie's hands. "I'm a chick now, and yet I'm the only one with a girlfriend, unlike you losers. So if you're here to tease me the whole time, just keep that in mind..."

"So have you two, uh, 'lezzed out' yet?" Kenny asked with a grin.

Morgan glanced over at Sammie who smiled, blushed, and quickly looked away. "It was the first thing we did when I got back from 'boot camp'. Literally the first," Morgan explained bluntly. "Now, my girlfriend and I need to go buy some bras so I don't violate my GGR rules and get stuck this way longer. So if you'll excuse us..."

"Can we come?" Dante asked, quickly glancing to Kenny who gave an affirmative nod. "You let us watch and, uh, we'll pay for a know..."

Morgan scowled but Sammie quickly jumped in. "You know, bras are really expensive...and you'll need quite a few for everything...and hey, I could use a few more too. I say let them come, if they buy me some too."

Morgan grumbled under her breath. "Yeah, fine, whatever. Will probably be the only chicks in lingerie you losers get to see for a while, so why not..."

Monday, February 12, 2024

Great Shift - Animated GIF - Office Politics


Andy was good at his job, but he was socially awkward and couldn't navigate the "office politics" to get ahead in his company. Then the Great Shift scrambled the staff, taking a few senior leaders out by putting them into unfit bodies. The new "Andrea" wasn't thrilled to be a woman, but at least she had a chance to get further than she ever did as a guy.

It also gave her a new bargaining chip, that she "played" by meeting with one of the VPs over lunch in the handicapped stall of the men's bathroom. She had already gotten a raise and now, he was offering a big time promotion... She just had to keep quiet when another woman entered the bathroom, and the VP was happy to help by muffling her moans...

Monday, February 5, 2024

Role Exchanger - Animated GIF - Streaming Boon


"Hehh, pheww..." Carlos took a deep breath and exhaled slowly as he prepared to start his stream. He did a camera check...using it as a moment to adjust his clothing, hiding a peeking bra cup beneath his top and tugging gently at his short shorts. "Here we go..." he mumbled as he started up the stream.

"Hey everybody, it's your boy EZ CheezE! For those who missed it last time, yes, I did get hit by the Role Exchanger. It's been a hell of an adjustment, but I'm still here to show you how to game. Let's get to it, shall we? Today we'll be..." he trailed off as he saw the volume of comments streaming in. 

Before his run-in with the RE, he was getting a few hundred views per session. Last week, after starting around the same, it more than doubled by stream's end as viewers spread the word and others tuned into see. This week, he was starting at over 10,000, with the number growing. 

There were, of course, the usual "gross" comments. "Show us your tits!" "Finger yourself!" "Let me titty fuck you!" And there were some outright cruel, as well. "Kill yourself, freak!" "Nice man titties!" "Dickless!" But a shocking number were supportive, too. It seems he had even become somewhat famous in the RE victim community.

Carlos refocused and got back to playing his game, but kept an eye on the numbers as they grew, and grew, and grew...

Finally, at the end of his session, he got a PM from a prospective sponsor. Being able to make this his full time job was Carlos' dream from the start. He opened it up and...

"Hi Carlos, I'm a rep from Victoria's Secret. We'd love to set up a sponsorship deal and get you outfitted in some of our clothing..."

Carlos rolled his eyes and sighed. It wasn't exactly the kind of deal he was hoping for, though it was at least a start. Before he could formulate a response, he saw another one come in. This time, it was Tampax...

He sighed again...but thought about it for a few seconds. Bras and tampons were definitely expensive...and he did need both now...